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4 Ways You Might be Killing Your Lawn [and Hurting Your Home Value]

4 Ways You Might be Killing Your Lawn [and Hurting Your Home Value]
A plush green lawn is part of that "white picket fence" ideal often associated with home ownership. Logistically, your yard is an extension of your home. It frames your landscaping as well as provides a great area for activities and enjoyment. A well maintained lawn can also add value to your home. A yellowing lawn can alternatively, hurt your home value. If you're struggling to keep your grass looking lush and healthy - here are 4 questions to consider that might reveal what is standing in your way. 

Do You Know What Type of Grass You Have?
Believe it or not - but there are dozens of lawn grass variations available to for homeowners to use in their yards. Many lawns are also composed of a mixture of grasses that work well together to create year-round enjoyment. Depending on your area, you might have a Bluegrass/Rye/Fescue grass combination or maybe you've chosen a Bermuda grass or a Bent grass. These variations might require different watering levels and maintenance. Knowing which kind of grass you are dealing with is half the battle to keeping your lawn "happy."
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[NEWS] 10% of Americans are "Credit Invisible"

[NEWS] 10% of Americans are "Credit Invisible"
A recent article in the New York Times, reports that "about 26 million Americans lack a credit file." Ann Carrns continues by adding that these "credit invisible" consumers...lack any credit history with the major nationwide credit reporting agencies, which tends to shut them out of the economic mainstream. These findings are according to a report issued on May 5, 2015 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. "An additional 19 million Americans, or 8 percent of adults, have some credit history, but not enough to create a score. Eighty percent of adults, or about 189 million people, have credit scores."
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How is a Credit Bureau Score Calculated?

How is a Credit Bureau Score Calculated?
Whether you are looking to open a credit card, finance a car or buy a home...you've probably noticed that your credit score is important. A credit score is essentially used to assess how likely it is that a borrower will repay a loan. The score measures the relative degree of risk that a potential person represents to a lender or investor and is based on several areas of information (however, because of several laws against discrimination - it is not based on gender, race age or zip code.) Credit Bureaus & Score Range Fair, Isaac Credit Bureau scores range between 300 to 850 points - the higher the score, the less risk associated with the borrower. Below are the three national credit data repositories that contribute to your score: Equifax - 800-685-1111 Trans Union - 800-888-4213 Experian - 800-397-3742 Each of these bureaus may offer you a slightly different credit score depending on the data within their own credit profile. Keep in mind that a score is based on all credit-related data - not just negative data.
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