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Pre-Approval Process
Important Differences

Our differences make the pre-approval process quick and easy. Then you can make an offer on your dream home worry-free.

Mortgage Assured Pre-Approval

1. Digital Mortgage App
2. Custom Buying Strategy
3. Access to Lender Logix Software
4. 3rd Party Reports Fully Ordered
5. Full Underwriting Approval
6. Custom Pre-Approval Letter
7. Contact With Listing Agent To Discuss Mortgage Assured Commitment
8. 15 Day Close
9. Waived Financing Contingency
10. Total Cost Analysis

Industry Standard

1. Fee Sheet
2. Credit Check and Software
3. Pre-Approval Letter
4. 30-45 Day Close
5. 21 Day Loan Cont.
6. 17 Day Appraisal

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